1. music video of the day: “Let ‘Em Say” by Lizzo and Caroline Smith

    Feeling exhausted and stressed as heck. Body still hella sore. Being hit by a car sucks.  

    Trying to stay posi. This helps. This is cute.
    Thanks bbs. Shine on. Shine your shine. 
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Self-portrait headshot from back in high school. #tbt


  3. music video of the day: “Set Fire” by Jazz Cartier

    I could have sworn I already posted this one but I guess not. Oh well, catch up. Been on this track for about a month now and I’m still hype about it. Stoked to hear/see what’s to come from this talented and hardworking local. Shout outs to Toronto. Shout outs to Get Home Safe. You should also check out his new track “Switch” below & watch out for Marauding in Paradise due out this fall. 


  4. music video of the day: “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads

    Because this song is home and it takes me there. 

  5. Crew love. @polarismusicprize team photo ft @buzzrecords fam. 💙🙏

  6. Because @polarismusicprize is tonight. Lost my 2009 & 2010 copies. Must add to the collection tonight.


  7. music video of the day: “Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle” by Be Your Own Pet

    Because I got hit by a car whilst riding my bike across a crosswalk today. Cycle safe y’all.


  8. music video of the day: “Bender” by The Mouthbreaders

    Because they play the Hard Luck tonight at 9pm opening for Ought. It’s gonna be rad. Be there.


  9. music video of the day: “Why Can’t We Just Dance?” by Lisa Prank

    Yeah girl. Heck yeah girl. You go girl.
    I hope Lisa Prank has stickers cus I would like some.


  10. music video of the day: “High & Wild” by Angel Olsen

    Angel Olsen is just so great. 


  11. music video of the day: “Altar Coals” by Anamai

    Here’s the truth: I love Anamai’s EP so much.  I cannot get enough of it. It sinks deeper into my skin upon each listen. As the wind gets colder and fall starts to settle in, find comfort in these warm echoes . 

    Here’s where you can find more of her music: Bandcamp & iTunes

    Here are her tour dates: 
    September 19th - Ottawa, ON - Gabba Hey* 
    September 20th - Montreal, QC - The Cult, Fattal Lofts
    September 21st New York, NY - Goodbye Blue Monday
    Septmeber 26th Guelph, ON - Cornerstone*
    November 4th - Toronto, ON, The Great Hall ^ 

    * with Black Walls
    ^ with Waxahatchee


  12. music video of the day: “How We Be” by Sinkane

    Smile dude. Things are somethings okay. Like this. This is awesome.
    If these grooves and moves don’t cheer you up then sorry but I don’t understand.
    Sinkane’s new album Mean Love is out now and very good. 


  13. music video of the day: “Ooo” by Karen O (Ft. Elle Fanning & Dir. Spike Jonze)

    On Sunday we made a one-act play for my friend Humberto’s company, Opening Ceremony. The idea was to do a play instead of a regular fashion show during Fashion Week, and, miraculously, we were able to do it at the New York Metropolitan Opera House. (Thank you, Peter Gelb and everyone at the Met!) Also, this week my dear friend Karen is putting out her first solo album of precious, personal love and heartache gems titled Crush Songs. They are songs made so intimately and spontaneously alone in her bedroom a few years ago that they feel more like unguarded whispers from her heart than a traditionally produced album. So on Sunday, during a ten-minute break as we were rehearsing and lighting at the Met, we made a very impromptu “music video” for Karen in the spirit of her album. It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn’t let the opportunity go by. So we made this as a surprise gift for Karen to congratulate her on her album. She is going to see this for the first time as you do. I hope you enjoy.  

    — Spike Jonze

    I love Karen O. I love Spike Jonze. I’m crying at my desk. 

    See also: Karen O giving advice below.


  14. music video of the day: “Mercy” by Boots

    There’s a reason Beyoncé’s new record was so fire and his name is Boots.
    Excited to hear what’s to come from this new producer. 


  15. music video of the day: “Tron Song” by Thundercat

    Because both Eric Andre and Thundercat are insane.
    Together, they make some beautiful insanity.
    This shit is crazy and I love it.